Forsyth Capital further expands Engle Martin’s forensic consulting business with acquisition of LWG Consulting

LWG Consulting Represents Forsyth’s Third Add-on to the Engle Martin Platform

ST. LOUIS — December 9, 2014 — Forsyth Capital Investors, LLC, an investment firm targeting the manufacturing and insurance services sectors, announced the acquisition of LWG Consulting, Inc. (LWG) by PT&C Forensics, Inc. (PT&C) a leading provider of forensic engineering services to the insurance claims industry and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Engle Martin & Associates. The acquisition of LWG is the third completed by Forsyth Capital for the Engle Martin platform, joining PT&C, which was acquired in November of 2013 and Totura & Company, acquired in March of 2013. 

“The addition of LWG to our already robust forensic consulting business at PT&C establishes us the preeminent global forensic engineering firm,” said Kyle Chapman, co-founder of Forsyth Capital and Chairman of Engle Martin. “Not only are we gaining an excellent management team, led by LWG’s President and CEO, Bob Wedoff, we also bolster our global presence and further strengthen our team with the addition of more than 20 offices and over 100 engineers and expert consultants located around the world.”

Since 1984, LWG has provided equipment damage assessment and accident investigation and failure analysis services to the Property/Casualty insurance industry and attorneys. In addition, LWG’s TekPro Global division provides industry-leading equipment restoration services. Robert Wedoff, President and CEO of LWG Consulting stated, “Given that LWG was built upon similar values, it was easy for us to embrace PT&C’s demonstrated long-term vision of building a great, people-centric company dedicated to providing outstanding service.  I am incredibly excited not only about the value we can create together for our clients, but for the opportunities that we can provide for our team members across the entire platform.”

Grover Davis, President and CEO of PT&C Forensics, comments, “LWG possesses a highly-skilled, global team of engineers and experts. Their strength in niche service offerings such as equipment losses, digital forensics and restoration, paired with a corporate culture built upon delivering superior customer service, made LWG an extremely attractive partner for us.  I am confident that the combined 50 years of experience shared by PT&C and LWG leadership will enable delivery of unequivocal engineering expertise to our clients.” 

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