Forsyth Capital adds Vante Inc. to its medical device equipment platform

Forsyth Capital Adds Vante Inc. to its Medical Device Equipment Platform

ST. LOUIS — September 3, 2013 — Forsyth Capital Investors, LLC, an investment firm targeting the manufacturing and insurance services sectors, announced the acquisition of Vante Inc. by its current portfolio company Machine Solutions Inc.  This is the first add-on acquisition for Machine Solutions since being acquired by Forsyth Capital in November 2011 and accelerates Machine Solutions’ growth and diversification in the medical device equipment sector.

“Vante’s products and diverse customers and applications strengthen Machine Solutions’ vision of building the leading global supplier of automation and testing equipment to the medical device industry,” explained Ryan Gable, co-founder of Forsyth Capital and Chairman of Machine Solutions.  “The two companies know each other well and we’re excited to be combining these great companies, teams and cultures.”

Forsyth Capital’s model more effectively drives value to its portfolio companies by combining the positive aspects of private equity investing with the strategic operational expertise offered by Barry-Wehmiller, a diversified global supplier of manufacturing technology and services, which helped to launch Forsyth Capital in 2009.  “Similar to Barry-Wehmiller, strategic acquisitions are a large part of our growth strategy. The Vante transaction is a perfect first acquisition for Machine Solutions that will add to its organic growth initiatives,” stated Kyle Chapman, managing director and co-founder of Forsyth Capital.

Although part of Machine Solutions, Vante retains its base and employees in Tucson, AZ.  Company headquarters will be at Machine Solutions in Flagstaff, AZ.  Vante and Machine Solutions will offer combined global sales and service capabilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia with additional offices in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Frankfurt, Germany.  As a result of the acquisition, Machine Solutions grows to more than 150 team members worldwide with 10,000+ machine installations.

Commenting on the announcement, Machine Solutions CEO and co-founder Dan Kasprzyk said, “This acquisition signals the initiation of a thoughtfully planned strategy for continued growth through our partnership with Forsyth Capital.”  Brent Fausett, Vante’s President, stated “Vante is excited to be teaming up with Machine Solutions and to bring our combined customers around the world an even broader range of best of breed, cutting-edge products and services in the exciting and growing medical device field." 

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