Engle Martin

Cor Partners

Atlanta, GA

Cor Partners is a platform of three core companies - Eberl Claims Service, Engle Martin & Associates, and Envista Forensics - serving the insurance, risk management, and legal communities.

For more information, visit www.corpartners.com.

Add-on Acquisitions Completed:

  • PT&C Forensic Consulting (now Envista Forensics)
    Atlanta, GA
    Acquired: Nov 2013
  • Totura & Company
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Acquired: Mar 2014
  • LWG Consulting (now Envista Forensics)
    Northbrook, IL
    Acquired: Dec 2014
  • Eberl
    Denver, CO
    Acquired: Sep 2015
  • Guardian Digital Forensics
    Raleigh, NC
    Acquired: May 2016
  • Arepa
    Silkeborg, Denmark
    Acquired: May 2017